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28 September 2006

Construction Continues...

While it is fun, creating a new site is definitely a lot more work than I remember it being. I just spent about ten hours creating new assets for what will eventually become the media section (Computers > Media) but will need to put in more time to get it all formatted and onto the correct pages. While scanning each piece of media only took about a minute, editing and transferring the data made it so that each asset has about ~15 minutes put into it at least. Good thing I enjoy doing it...

I also recently got a new piece of media I had wanted for a while which will make its way into said section as well- 8" Bernoulli disks. They are MASSIVE when coming from 8" floppy, and should be much easier to interface with whenever I am able to get my hands on a drive for them. They appear to use modified SCSI to talk to an ISA controller that I can use with a lot of things.


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8" Bernoulli cartridge- as big and thick as a book!


So yeah, there has been a good amount of progress on the site, but I still have to get around to implementing plenty of things such as the guest book and fleshing out many of the pages such as the still-empty home page.

P.S.- I make all of these blog page backgrounds by hand :-)