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06 NOVEMBER 2006

Everything Exploded!

It has been a while, and quite a lot has happened both I.R.L. (in real life) and to the web site.


What happened?

On the night of updating the site for the latest blog entry (28 September 2006), FrontPage decided to destroy the navigation bars on almost every page, rendering at least half of the site unreachable. This is why clicking the "Computers" button would take you to the Blog page instead. It made no sense and I still don't know how it happened. It was fine one day before that. After trying to fix the navbars for almost three hours, I had decided to try reinstalling FrontPage to see if that would fix the issue. What I didn't expect to happen was the uninstaller removing ESSENTIAL DLLs FROM SYSTEM32. When I saw the file it was in the process of removing, it was too late. It was set to automatically restart after the uninstall, and there was no way I was going to be able to replace the missing DLLs in time.

I then had to use my Windows 2000 installation discs that I luckily had laying around to repair the install without having to completely reinstall the operating system. That went smoothly enough, except for the programs which acted like they had never seen my computer before, which had to be set up again. What a pain!

It gets better though... even after getting everything set back up (which had taken about two days), the bars were STILL BROKEN! All of the work of what I had done had not paid off. It was maddening but at least I had the content of my site, even if it wasn't accessible from the outside. This experience put me off from updating and fixing the web site for about a month, so it sat unupdated.

All was peachy keen, another day in paradise, the day before I had started working on the site again. I had planned to start on it "tomorrow" as I shut down my main computer for the night. I start it up in the afternoon after I get home from work the next day, and to my surprise, Windows had managed to corrupt itself. I try to open up Explorer and I am greeted with a nice messagebox with a big red 'X'.


Everything I had tried for the next few days was all in vain. No amount of CHKDSK, SFC, System Repair, or the likes would fix the issue. Half of the programs were broken. Sometimes the wallpaper would magically disappear... and then come back a few minutes later. Audio didn't work. It was a mess. It took over a day to back everything up and then another day to start reinstalling. I still have barely gotten it set back up, and that was mainly so I could work on the web site as I have to upload it to the World Wide Web from there. It was nice being in a state of limbo though without my main computer, as I was only able to use this computer, my 486 with Windows 3.1 (I got hooked on Chip's Challenge), and my old IBM PC.

Chip's Challenge is Awesome!

What happens now?

Well... I still have to get a lot up and running on my main computer, but I can at least now update the web site again. A lot of features are still not pushed out, and some things are still broken, but I will just continue to work on it when I can. I have some old and obscure Burroughs 8" floppy disks coming in labeled "Mini Disk 2" that supposedly hold 3MB each, and I will have to add them to the media section when they arrive. I also recently got a really cool dot-matrix printer that can even do graphics, so I may have to set up a page where I print out notable messages sent in to me at my new E-Mail address, PICKELHAUBE808@AOL.COM.

Feel free to send me a message! :-)
































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Oh yeah... today also marks the one year anniversary of!